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A three month 1:1 journey of transformational healing, discovering your TRUE self, and living in alignment with your soul.

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When we walk the path of healing ourselves, we become the healers of the world. My purpose as a sacred guide is to help you uncover the profound love, deep wisdom, and radical transformation that is already within you, just waiting to unfold...


This program is designed for you ~ the empaths, the visionaries, and the deep feelers, who feel called to finally heal their wounds and begin living in alignment with who they truly are.

Spiritual Growth,  Embodiment,

Subconscious Work,

Shadow Work,


Inner Child Healing,



& More!

It is often when we are immersed in the darkest depths of our suffering, that we begin to discover our own greatest light. 


My journey of recovering from trauma and mental illness ignited a passion within me for the work I am doing today. As an Integrative Therapist with a soul-first approach, I help people heal by remembering who they truly are. 


Our challenges teach us what it means to be human - to suffer, to give up, to find hope, and to absolutely fall in love with life. This is the journey of waking up, of shedding the false self, and of coming home to the love within us all.

I first studied Applied Psychology & Counselling, and continued to become certified in Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Meditation Facilitation. I am a strong advocate for bringing the body and the soul back into therapeutic spaces. Suffering is human, not clinical, and healing should be too.


My unique methods, as featured in this program, weave together embodiment practices, hypnotherapy, and spiritually grounded psychology to create transformation across mind, body, and soul-deep levels.

holistic therapist and wellness coach

I'm Jennifer Helwing.

Shift from anxiety into confidence, life path clarity, and intuitive awakening.


"The biggest change I experienced was my rebirth of being an artist and reconnecting with my creativity. This led me to discover my life path, and actively pursue my dreams. I have noticed a complete shift in my mindset, my confidence, and my connection to my intuition - I’m no longer letting fear drag me down - I continue on my path, letting my intuition guide me instead. Jenn has given me the gift of understanding and remembering who I truly am." - S.K.


Heal your inner child, get unstuck, and transform wounds into purpose.

"She helped me heal a lot of things I had been holding into since my childhood - and I had no clue how much it had been affecting me in multiple areas of my life all these years. I’m so thankful I met Jenn. Her warmth makes you immediately feel a sense of calmness and comfort in opening up to her. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck and struggling to find their path." - D.H.


Heal worthiness wounds, awaken soul gifts, and embody your highest self.

"Working with Jennifer has been absolutely life changing. I was experiencing deep depression, anxiety, and lack of self worth. She helped me to heal my inner child, money wounds, and step into my higher self. Jenn is extremely wise, she holds so much knowledge and wisdom. I only work with the best of professionals, and to be honest, she has been the BEST. I’ve never felt so safe, so understood, so valued, so accepted, and the list could go on. Her work is invaluable and priceless." - S.G.

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The Healer's Path is Designed to Help You:

  • and embrace a compassionate, loving, and joyful relationship with your mind, body, and soul.

  • Unbecome to reveal your Authentic Self,

  • Understand and healing your energetic patterns,

  • Answer your soul's call for a purposeful life,

  • ​Activate your inner wisdom & intuitive gifts to face uncertainty with confidence,

Is the Healer's Path Right for Me?

  • You are a creative, a visionary, an empath, or a healer - whichever it is, you feel deeply called to make the world a better place.

  • You're a deeply emotional person, and you've had to put up walls or become someone you're not to feel okay in the world.

  • You've faced some difficulties in life, but you are beginning to see that there is power underneath your wounds.

  • Living like "everyone else" never felt right for you. You desire a life of freedom, bliss, and fullfilment lights your soul on fire with the deepest passions and the highest joys.

  • You're ready for soul-deep healing and transformational growth.

  • You're done letting your wounds hold you back. You're ready to awaken your own inner medicine and fully embody who you are here to be!


Each month, experience three 90 minute Inner Journeying Sessions followed by one week for supported integration.

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What does it mean to be you? Experience a deep remembrance of who you are, including your soul gifts, and knowing who you are here to be.

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Uncover the roots of the wounds that have been holding you back for too long. As we venture into the shadows, we also discover the keys and hidden doorways to unlock your full potential.


Through breathwork, embodied movement, and inner visioning, heal your divine feminine energy to reclaim your sacred creativity, sexuality, and expression of who you truly are.


Using breathwork and deep inner states, journey through timelines to reclaim and heal things like open-heartedness, courage, body-love, creativity, joyfulness, self worth, and more.

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Deepening on session four, we continue to unravel blockages that weigh on your heart and mind. When opening to the power of this healing work, many experience transformative release.


Experience a rebirth of your Higher Self within your own heart. With her wisdom, manifest in future timelines, call in your highest dreams, and align with divine guidance to confidently walk your soul-aligned life!

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Journey into your energy centres to reveal strengths and areas for healing. Discover your unique energetic blueprint and create a map for healing & growth.

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Your wounds were never really yours. Find freedom through energetic cord cutting, emotional release, forgiveness, and the power of letting go. Heal through ancestral and soul deep levels.


Ceremonial Activation to awaken the calling of the Healer's Path. Learn how to powerfully guide yourself through inner healing journeys directed by your newly awakened intuitive gifts ~ the voice of your highest self.

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You Will Experience:

The powerful effects of heart-centred inner journeying and hypnotherapy on healing the roots of your core wounds,

Impactful inner child and younger-self healing that bridges broken connections within yourself to yourself, allowing you to reclaim emotional sovereignty and deep self-compassion,

Embodiment work woven throughout to create internal anchors to new states of being, so you can experience your life through new lenses of internal freedom, liberation, and joy!

Here's How to Know if You're Ready...

  • You are READY to gain the courage it takes to heal from within and overcome everything holding you back.

  • You want to feel EXCITED (instead of afraid) to make powerful transformations in your life, and become the person you've always wanted to be.

  • You want a SUPPORTIVE, trustworthy, and experienced guide with a soul-first approach to help you truly embody your authentic self and cultivate mind-body-spirit wellness that lasts.

  • AND... You know you're here for something beautiful, and you're ready to discover it and wholeheartedly embrace it.

Energetic Exchange

$2222 USD*

 *For those who are experiencing hardship and believe they would benefit greatly from this program, I offer limited scholarships. Your price will be $333/month. If this is you, simply select "scholarship" in your registration.

If you have questions or want to connect with me, message me on Instagram at

or send an email to

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