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1:1 Integrative Therapy or Mentorship & Coaching

Whether you have been on your healing journey for a long time and struggling to break through, or whether you are ready to transform your wounds and rise into an empowered, soul-aligned life, I am here with you every step of the way.

Shift anxiety, disconnection, and loss of purpose into a reunion with joy, confidence, and a connection to your intuition that can become your guiding light 

Heal inner child wounds like shame, unworthiness, and fears of being rejected into deep self-compassion and an embodied presence that allows you to follow your heart without fear

Connect to the wisdom of your body so that you can feel and move through anything with an underlying sense of safety and groundedness that you can rely on

New and aspiring healers, therapists, and coaches: heal your own wounds, move through blocks, and overcome fears so you can rise into the soul-aligned life you were meant to live

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What to expect in your 5 session package

In all of our sessions, you will experience a safe and supportive space to dive into whatever you are going through. Through somatic support, shadow work, and sometimes inner child or parts work, you can experience healing and transformative release at the core of your wounds.

Throughout this process, you will explore what it means to "unbecome" and connect deeply with your authentic self. The mind-body-soul approach sees you as a whole being, not broken, but simply separated from who you truly are. We may use a variety of practices such as emotional embodiment, breathwork, and inner journeying to help you restore a feeling of connection with your inner wisdom, your emotional/physical body, and your soul.

Every 5th session, experience a customized inner journey in a ceremonial and sacred space to help you heal at the core of your wounds, activate your inner wisdom, and find clarity through your transformation. This is the kind of work we will do together every session in The Healer's Path, my in-depth 1:1 healing program that runs seasonally. Learn more HERE.

My goal is simple. I am here to help you embrace a compassionate, loving, and joyful relationship with your mind, body, and soul. This connection is all you will ever need to become your own greatest healer, awaken your inner medicine, and embody a more and more authentic version of who you truly are.

Sliding Scale Pricing

Whether you choose to select an Integrative Therapy or Coaching & Mentorship Package for Healers, the energetic exchange is $555 USD.

Accessibility is important to me, so if you are experiencing significant financial limitations, please reach out to me as I may be able to offer you a discounted price.

Take the first step towards transformational healing and apply now for a free consultation below!

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