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The Connection Between Creativity and Courage.

Many artists and creatives would agree that sometimes we create as a way to heal ourselves. Sayings like “art is my therapy” ring true in more ways than one.

As we are always growing, we are always healing. Healing itself is actually the negative polarity of growth, as in order to make room for growth, we must also “heal” – or release, let go, and shed the old wounds that we are ready to move forwards from.

As someone who had gone through “a lot” early on in life, I also became very creative - music, art, poetry, writing, whatever. People would say to me “oh you’re so creative” as though it was a compliment, but to me, it was simply like breathing. I needed it to get through the day.

In this sense, I believe that creativity is the greatest act of bravery. It is the ultimate form of internal alchemy – transmuting the human experience into something incredible, relatable, and often healing for many others. Because, of course, when we heal ourselves, we also heal the world.

Beyond just the courage it takes to go within, the act of creativity itself is incredibly courageous. Human beings are wired to “fit in” – and to be accepted - not to stand out and risk being critisized, or worse, deemed “crazy.” To continue on the topic of human nature, it is important to note that our creativity is directly related to our drive to create actual life. We are “programmed” to create only when we feel safe, when the environment is stable and abundant. So if you think about it - creating when we don’t feel safe is twice as brave (and in my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful things that humans do).

"To live life through your heart is to create an absolute masterpiece."

In the same way that fear blocks creativity, courage fuels it – but just as we cannot have light without the darkness, we cannot have courage without first having fear. Courage is, by definition, the act of feeling fear, and going forth regardless.

If you want to increase your creative energy and your creative flow - begin by embodying courage. Feel what courage is like in your body. In your mind. In your heart. Become courage itself. Take courageous action in your life. Speak your truth. Embody your most authentic self. And always, always, embrace both your darkness and your light.

I believe that in order to live purposeful lives, we must create our purpose every single day.

Living emotionally, courageously, creatively, and purposefully, are all beautifully intertwined and interdependent. These are the elements which add up to the experience of truly being alive, because the ultimate act of creativity is to be the artist of your own life, and the author of your own story.

I help creatives, intuitives, and empaths to find courage in their healing and come home to their souls' true purpose. Will you be next?

Ⓒ Jennifer Helwing Wellness Coaching 2022

I help my clients to create better lives for themselves by changing from within. Even when life doesn’t change, we can - and that is true freedom. If you’d like to find out more about how we can work together, visit to book a session or find out more information. I’d love to work with you!

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