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Moonpath Wellness is inspired by the sacred inner journey of healing, unbecoming, and discovering who you truly are.

You don't have to feel weighed down by your past, your fears, and everything holding you back. It's time to heal at the root of your wounds and rise into the soul-aligned life you know you are meant to live.

The path of healing and spiritual growth are one and the same. We cannot heal without spiritual growth, and we cannot grow spiritually without healing. We all have the ability to heal and transform our lives from the inside out - we just need the path, the support, and the sacred space to do so.

My philosophy draws from the wise woman tradition that YOU are the healer, and your own greatest teacher. That's why I work differently - helping you to awaken your own inner wisdom through subconscious work, embodiment practices, and spiritually grounded psychology, so you can liberate your wounds and come home to who you truly are. 


You're in the right place if just feeling "okay" isn't enough for you. You desire a life of freedom, bliss, and fulfilment that lights your soul on fire with the deepest passions and the highest joys...


You're here because you're ready for more than just healing -

you're ready for transformation.

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Jennifer Helwing is an
Integrative Therapist, Mind-Body Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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Jennifer's methodology weaves together her studies in Applied Psychology & Counselling with certifications in Spiritual Life Coaching, Somatic Trauma Therapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Inspired by her own healing journey, she is a strong advocate for bringing the body and the soul back into therapeutic spaces, utilizing embodiment practices, conscious breathwork, heart-centred hypnotherapy, and spiritually grounded psychology to create lasting transformation across mind, body, and soul-deep levels.


She has helped people heal from childhood trauma, low self-worth, anxiety, loss of purpose, and more, helping her clients to transform their pain and suffering into a powerful meaning for their lives that reconnects them with who they truly are.

Working with Jennifer has been absolutely life changing. I was experiencing deep depression, anxiety, and lack of self worth. She helped me to heal my inner child wounds, and step into my higher self. Jenn is extremely wise, she holds so much knowledge and wisdom. I only work with the best of professionals, and to be honest, she has been the BEST. I’ve never felt so safe, so understood, so valued, so accepted, and the list could go on. Her work is invaluable and priceless." - S.G.

Whether you have been on your healing journey for a long time and struggling to break through, or whether you are ready to transform your wounds and rise into an empowered, soul-aligned life, I am here with you every step of the way.

Shift anxiety, disconnection, and loss of purpose into a reunion with joy, confidence, and a connection to your intuition that can become your guiding light 

Heal inner child wounds like shame, unworthiness, and fears of being rejected into deep self-compassion and an embodied presence that allows you to follow your heart without fear

Connect to the wisdom of your body so that you can feel and move through anything with an underlying sense of safety and groundedness that you can rely on

AND... learn how to fall in love with your journey. When we can let go of seeing healing as a destination, and begin to see it as an infinite process of reconnecting with our souls and becoming who we are here to be, the pressure comes off and we can walk this path with faith, little joys, and complete acceptance of all the messiness of being human!

Embracing Your Healing Journey with Me Looks Like...

  • Unbecoming to reveal your Authentic Self,

  • Understanding and healing your energetic patterns,

  • Answering your soul's call for a purposeful life,

  • ​Activating your inner wisdom & intuitive gifts to face uncertainty with confidence,

  • ​Healing at the root of your wounds through Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy and Conscious Breathwork,

  • and embracing a compassionate, loving, and joyful relationship with your mind, body, and soul.


1:1 Integrative Therapy or Mentorship & Coaching

Work with me 1:1 for healing & transformational growth. Dissolve limitations and heal wounding through spiritually grounded psychology and counselling, inner journeying, breathwork, and more.

OR, select mentorship and coaching designed for new or aspiring healers, therapists, and coaches. Heal your own wounds, move through blocks, and overcome fears so you can rise into the soul-aligned life you were meant to live.

The Healer's Path ~ Signature 1:1 Program

Experience my most powerful work in this transformational 3-month healing program. If you are ready to go deeper with hypnotherapy to heal your core wounds, discover your true self, and activate your intuitive wisdom, this program is meant for you!

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Healing Through the Divine Feminine ~ Live Group Program

This 10-week group healing journey is co-facilitated with intuitive healer Katrina Slade. Explore the divine feminine archetypes as you heal worthiness wounds, reconnect with your body, activate your intuition, and more! Join us as we guide you through awakening your feminine magic and embodying your highest self. 

In My Courses & Programs, You Will Experience:

The powerful effects of heart-centred inner journeying and hypnotherapy on healing the roots of your core wounds,

Impactful inner child and younger-self healing that bridges broken connections within yourself to yourself, allowing you to reclaim emotional sovereignty and deep self-compassion,

Embodiment work woven throughout to create internal anchors to new states of being, so you can experience your life through new lenses of internal freedom, liberation, and joy.

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On the Sacred Soul Podcast, Integrative Therapist Jennifer Helwing and Intuitive Healer Katrina Slade provide you with practical tools and spiritual insights to help you heal your wounds and rise into soul-aligned lives.

Clip from SE 2: EP 1 - Embracing Humanness & The Journey of Reconnection
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These twice-monthly women's circles include a guided breathwork or meditation practice followed by open space for sharing your struggles and building authentic relationships. Trans and non-binary inclusive.

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The Goddess Grove
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