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Awaken your feminine magic, empower yourself to heal, and embody your highest self in the sanctuary of sisterhood.

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If you’re done feeling burnout and confusion every time you try to improve your life, and you’re ready to experience powerful healing, connect with your true essence, and clear old wounds that are keeping you from embodying your highest self, this program is designed for you!

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You Don't Have to Heal Alone.

Many of us are feeling called to go deeper with our healing & rise higher into more soul-aligned lives... but we feel held back by feelings of not-enoughness, body shame, and lack of clarity on how to get from where we are now, to the liberated versions of ourselves that we know we are meant to be.


Healing through the Divine Feminine is about so much more than just healing your wounds, it’s also about reclaiming your power and all of the parts of yourself that have been lost along the way.

After spending years on our own inner paths to healing and supporting clients through their unique journeys, what we have come to learn is that we all contain the blueprints for healing within our own hearts and souls.


One of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll ever learn in your healing journey is how to connect within to become your own greatest healer.


Without facing the wounds of the feminine, we will always feel dissatisfied with life. Being stuck in perpetual doer-ship and suffering from productivity worship always leads to cycles of burnout and collapse. Healing Through the Divine Feminine is a journey of reconnection, to the sacredness of your body, the wisdom of your heart, and the divinity of your soul. It's about coming home to you.

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What Does a Disconnection with the Divine Feminine Look and Feel Like?

  • Deep worthiness wounds that feel like your value as a human is determined by your productivity and your accomplishments.


  • Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and ungrounded, resulting in complete collapse and dis-ease in the body, or cycles of anxiety and depression.


  • Finding it difficult or not really knowing how to fill your cup because you feel like your relationship with yourself is always last on your list.


  • Difficulty setting boundaries and saying no when things don't feel good, so you end up feeling powerless and like your life is out of your control.


  • Shame tied to your femininity, your body, your sensuality, and your sexual expression, even though you want to feel like the beautiful goddess you are!

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A Healed Divine Feminine Energy Within Changes Your Entire Approach to Life

  • Conditioning from the hustle culture creates a lack mentality and costs your physical and emotional wellbeing… the healed feminine evokes trust that what’s for you will always arrive at the right time, creating an abundance mindset.

  • The all-to-common shame wound triggers unhealthy coping mechanisms that lead to further dis-ease in the body… but the healed feminine instills self love and devotion to well-being and balance.

  • A disconnection from your inner essence keeps you separated from yourself... while the healed feminine awakens you to your inner essence and highest self.

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We All Rise Together

The rising of the healed Divine Feminine within us creates harmony and healing globally, helping us to embody and co-create a new phase for Earth - one of love and balance... and it’s up to each one of us to do this inner work of healing first.


Your healing journey is the path to soul growth and lifelong transformation.

The truth is, you are here to serve the world. To experience deep & powerful transformation. The world needs you to stand up, show up & shine your light.


We are here to help you on this journey of healing and rising.


Consider us YOUR Divine Feminine Sisters. We facilitate deeply healing inner journeys to support your soul growth, so that you can finally heal these old wounds that you’ve been carrying and live a more fulfilling life embodied in your Divine Feminine essence.


Now is the time. The world is ready for the healed you to bloom.


Save your spot now in Healing Through the Divine Feminine!

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Meet Your Divine Feminine Guides


Katrina Slade is a psychic Akashic records reader, energy healer, and soul mentor supporting the soul growth of those she works with.


Drawing from her own lived experiences of feminine wound healing, ancestral healing, and chakra healing, Katrina supports her clients, students, and audience with love and compassion. Her mission is to support the rise of Divine Feminine consciousness through her teachings, healings, and offerings.


Jennifer Helwing is an Integrative Therapist & Mind-Body Coach guiding people to heal and rise into soul-aligned lives.


Her studies in Applied Psychology & Counselling, Spiritual Life Coaching, Somatic Trauma Therapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy have inspired her unique methods, weaving together embodiment practices, hypnotherapy, and spiritually grounded psychology to create transformation across mind, body, and soul-deep levels. Endlessly devoted to helping her clients, she is a strong advocate for bringing the body and the soul back into therapeutic spaces.

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Your Healing Journey

  • Activate your inner priestess, explore the Divine Feminine Archetypes, and discover your inner Divine Essence


  • Reclaim sacred parts of you in a self-initiation ceremony to help you step into your power as your own healer


  • Learn how to tune into your body’s rhythms and inner wisdom


  • Coming home to your body so you can learn to honour your needs and nurture your authentic self


  • Beginner breathwork practice to shed old traumas, conditioning, and energies that are keeping you stuck

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  • Identify and cleanse old energies held in the sacral charkra in order to tap into your pure pleasure and joy

  • Heal the shadows of womanhood required to release limiting beliefs and open to unconditional love

  • Sacred rage practice, movement, and integration so you can call back your power and remember your worth

  • Forgiveness, cord cutting, and shadow work required to move through your healing journey with a cleared path forward of liberation and inner freedom

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  • Heal the heart chakra with powerful inner child healing, radical self-love, and transformative practices to heal your relationship with yourself

  • Embodiment work to step into your true essence as an empowered, unique expression of the Divine Feminine

  • Powerful intuitive practices to connect with your inner wisdom and the Divinity within

  • Closing circle and ceremony to leave you feeling empowered and ready to continue your healing journey with confidence

What's Included:

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Weekly Gatherings

This is where the magic happens! Healing and learning together in a safe, supportive, and transformational sacred space. Live calls are 90 minutes with replays available.

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Healing Connections

Your journey matters! Connect with other sisters outside of the larger group gatherings to hold space for one another and form life-long friendships and connections.

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New Resources

Each Week

Access a library of guided meditations, rituals,  breathwork and embodiment practices, and other helpful resources and activities to help you along your journey.

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September 2023 Schedule

Weekly meetings on Fridays at 6pm PST, recordings provided!

Sept 8th: WEEK 1: Initiation and Divine Feminine Archetypes

Sept 15th: WEEK 2: Living Cyclically & Reclaiming the Sacredness of Life

Sept 22: WEEK 3: Group Integration with Jennifer

Sept 29: WEEK 4: Womb Healing Ceremony

BONUS: Live Emotional Embodiment workshop with Jennifer

Oct 06: WEEK 5: Healing the Feminine Shadows - Liberate Feminine Wounding

Oct 13: WEEK 6: Group Integration with Katrina

Oct 20: WEEK 7: Sacred Sisterhood Week (small group calls only)

Oct 27: WEEK 8: Radical Self Love & Inner Child Healing

BONUS: Live Conscious Breathwork workshop with Jennifer 

Nov 03: WEEK 9: Embodying Your Highest Self - Embody & Manifest Your Desires

Nov 10: WEEK 10: Sacred Circle & Closing Ceremony - Emerge as and Confidently Embody your Unique Divine Feminine Expression!

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Energetic Exchange

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Sliding Scale: $444, $555, or $666

Accessibility is important to us, which is why our pricing reflects these values.


We are also excited to offer limited scholarships for those who identify as BIPOC and financially disadvantaged. Your price will be 2 payments of $278.00

If you have questions or want to connect with us, message Jennifer on Instagram at

or send an email to!

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