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What is a wellness coach?

YOU heal YOU! I guide my clients through the process of creating the best life possible, but I also provide the tools, methods, and supportive relationship that facilitates success. Every wellness coach has different areas of expertise, different education, and different specializations. That's why it's important to explore what kind of Life Coach or Wellness Coach is the right fit for you!


Other wellness coaches may focus more on physical health, while I focus more on mental and emotional wellness. Dealing with stress and anxiety? Confidence & mindset holding you back? Struggling with relationships & communication? That I can help you with! My educational background is in Applied Psychology & Counselling, and I have also completed certifications in Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Reiki energy healing.


My approach is soul-first. I believe that everyone on this planet is here for a greater purpose, that everyone is valuable, and that we can all make the world a better place by becoming the highest versions of ourselves. I also believe that self development is the most important thing that we can do as humans - if you want to change the world, begin by changing yourself! 

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Wellness coaching, life coaching, & what to expect 

Working with a coach is a commitment to your personal growth & self development. People who invest the time, energy, and money into working with a coach prioritize their own happiness as well as the happiness of those around them, because when we become better people, others around us benefit too. 

Here's what to expect when we work together. I usually begin with a comprehensive intake form followed by an intake session where I can get to know all of the stuff that makes you YOU! Your baggage is welcome here. This is a completely safe place to talk about life - including the good stuff and the hard stuff. 

In sessions, we will likely do a lot of guided meditations and explorations of your inner dialogue. We do this so that you can create a more positive relationship with your thoughts and feelings, so that you can feel empowered rather than overwhelmed when faced with stressful situations. We will talk a lot, and I am certainly here to listen, although with my guidance, you will learn to turn problems into solutions and take action to integrate positive feelings and ideas from sessions into your everyday life. We will do plenty of activities and exercises to help you to gain more clarity, self-awareness, and confidence. These activities might also include homework, journaling, and other self reflection activities. 

What can a wellness coach help me with? FAQ

What is the difference between a Life Coach, a Wellness Coach, and a Spiritual Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a general term, while specific types of coaches have special areas of focus.

  • Health coaches empower you to reach physical health, exercise, and nutrition goals.

  • Wellness Coaches specialize in mental and emotional wellness.

  • Spiritual Life & Wellness Coaches (like me!) also incorporate things like meditation, mindfulness, intuition development (ie. learning to listen to your own inner wisdom), and other topics such as emotional healing, life purpose, empowerment, shadow work, and soul embodiment.

I also help my clients to create a custom silence or meditation practice in order to get more in touch with their mind, body, & soul. (Whether you feel connected to God, Gods, the Great Spirit, the Higher Self, Mother Earth, or just the simple beauty of nature - ALL beliefs are welcome here!)

Can a Life Coach help me with stress and anxiety?

Absolutely! Coaching can help uncover the reasons behind your anxiety, which is an important first step towards embracing your healing. Coaching can also help you develop tools & strategies to help you manage your anxiety, cope with stressful situations and find new and better ways to move towards healing. Some people experience anxiety that interferes with their ability to get through the day (this is considered severe anxiety), or anxiety resulting from very traumatic situations. In this case, it is better to see a mental health professional. If you are unsure - talk to a doctor first! 


Can a Life Coach help me with low self esteem? 

Definitely! Low self esteem is a limiting belief, which you will learn more about when we work together. These limiting beliefs are often adopted in childhood and affect us greatly throughout our adult lives. All of our beliefs are changeable. I help my clients learn how to work through them by setting deep intentions, releasing stagnant emotion, restructuring their thinking patterns, and becoming present enough to take action that is in alignment with the CONFIDENT people who they truly are inside. 


Can a Life Coach help me make decisions about my life? 

Coaching can assist with decision-making by helping to you see the situation from all perspectives and dimensions of the self. This includes the emotional, cognitive, physiological, and spiritual effects of choosing a certain path. I help my clients to uncover any fears that they may not even realize they had - so that they can overcome them with confidence and make decisions that feel totally aligned and heart-centered. 

I have some stuff from my past I need to work through. Is a Life Coach right for me?

Life coaches can and certainly do encourage you to talk about the past - when it is relevant and necessary to what you are currently going through or overcoming. Many of our limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms began in the past, and I help my clients to gain a greater understanding of how they have ended up where they are. However, if your past includes traumatic experiences that you have not yet explored with a mental health professional - I strongly encourage you to do that first. In this case, I'd be happy to work with you after you have been given the go-ahead from your mental health professional. Remember - you are not broken, you are human, and often the healing journey requires accepting help from multiple different professionals. 

Please note that I do not take insurance. Coaching is seen as a proactive rather than reactive approach to one's mental health and wellbeing, and is often chosen by those who are willing to financially prioritize their own personal development and growth.

More questions?

I would love to chat with you! Send me a message on Instagram, Facebook, or through this contact form. 

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